Video Management Unit (VMU) is an exclusive ingenuity product with patents, enabling Network Matrix Video Surveillance. Not to mention of NMVS, you may find numerous ways of VMU applications – accessible at home, multi-site access, PVM (Public View Monitoring), spot output and video wall setup for central monitoring system etc.

Key Features

– FHD/QHD DVR live monitoring

– AHD/960H/EX-SDI DVR support

– Remote DVR search and playback function

– Remote DVR backup function

– Event video popup function

– HDMI & VGA output

– USB port on the front

– Up to 16 DVRs list management


– Remote spot output

– PVM(Public view monitoring)

– Video wall

– Multi-site monitoring

– Home video monitoring

– Video matrix system

VMU-120 Front View
VMU-150 Front View
VMU-120 / VMU-150 Rear View
VMU-200 Front View
VMU-200 Rear View