NMVS – Network Matrix Video Surveillance

What is a Network Matrix Video Surveillance?

This is a brand new system by using exclusive network video technology, exclusively developed for clients who need extensive multiple video channels monitoring and surveillance simultaneously. For this purpose, we have developed an unique equipment, called VMU (Video Management Unit). From small store owners up to corporate-level control center for video surveillance, this network matrix video surveillance system will enhance your security task to the next level. A single VMU equipment enables you to connect multiple DVRs and to monitor multiple video channels up to1024 channels.

For this NVMS configuration, you will definitely need our VMU system. For more details about VMU, please refer to our VMU page.

What if my DVRs on the field go inactive?

How do you instantly figure out if your DVR on the field faces problems like non-recording (due to many reasons), video loss, motion, or sensor event? For client’s convenience, we have developed the DVR Health Monitoing equipment, called DHS (DVR Health Server). This DHS equipment lets you monitor remote DVRs up to 120 units. Also we provide smart phone push notification app(DHS Alarm) for various alarm events.

For this 24/7 DVR monitoring system configuration, you will definitely need our DHS system. For more details about DHS, please refer to our DHS page.

What is an event-triggered, and/or smart backup system?

There’s a massive requirement in the video surveillance market to secure event recording data, despite the DVRs are stolen, or damaged. For this purpose, we have developed an event-triggered video data backup system on FTP server up to 100 DVRs on the field. FTP server may have up to max 100 different folders for each DVR’s data backup to keep the event-triggered video records on hand. On the other hand, our exclusive stand-alone smart backup system device will keep retrieving and reserving the recorded data from the source DVR being similar to RAID backup concept. This will give you a strengthened security of keeping the recorded data at your safe haven.

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